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About Imbizo


"Defining a shared vision, removing obstacles and charting a roadmap to our destination"

The purpose of the Imbizo is to identify the challenges in the TVET system, analyse the underlying causes of systemic problems and collectively formulate mechanisms to resolve these challenges. The TVET Imbizo will be solution focused with the aim to develop a clear "road map" and plan for transformation of the sector over the next 15 years.

The TVET Imbizo therefore will seek practical ways in which the TVET sector should be strengthened to fulfill its mandate. It is necessary to reflect on where the sector comes from, the status quo and the future trajectory. While the intention is not to dwell on the past, a brief reflection on interventions such as the 2010 FET Colleges Summit as well as the 2014 TVET Conference will help set the scene as to where or which direction the sector should be moving.

More importantly, the sector should reflect on progress made since the previous conferences and constraints experienced with implementing previous commitments and/or declarations. Such reflection will enable the TVET Imbizo to assess progress and determine the interventions that will bring about progressive transformation in the sector. Another critical question that the TVET Imbizo will have to grapple with is, 'what will be done differently this time around to bring about the desired change at the systemic level?